How to use WPS WPA TESTER App

Hacking wifi from the android phone which is not rooted is very simple and easy trick. It can be easily more if your android phone is rooted. So, today I wanna or want to share you an android wifi trick that will hack wifi network around you from your Android smartphone device using just a small wifi app. Let’s start WIFI Hacking Using WPS Wpa Tester.



  1. Download app from the link given. Download Now
  2. Install, open it and open your WIFI.
  3. Open WPS Wpa tester app, you will see there a refresh button at the top of the app. Tap on it. Now you can see all the Wifi signal around you.
  4. If this app shows you a green icon beside the wifi name that means this can hack it, if it proves red color then it says the Wifi router is highly protected and you won’t cut wifi network.
  5. Now just Select the Green Wifi Network.
  6. Now, tap on connect automatic pin button, if you are lucky enough to connect to a wifi network, you can now access free internet and if your phone is rooted, BOOM!! the password will be in your screen.
  7. Voila!! Now you can quickly surf the high-speed wifi network

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So above is the HACK WiFi using WiFi WPS Wpa tester. By using this tricks, you can easily hack with your Neighbours Password and have lots of fun with them and have a great experience with the notepad.

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