Clash Royale Download for Pc and Mac (With or without Bluestacks)

Download Clash Royale apk on your PC and Mac and enjoy the latest online supercell game on the big screen. Clash Royale download apk for pc and Mac and enjoy the online strategy game on your PC.

Download Clash Royale for iOS devices and the Clash Royale APK for android and for free. Enter the Arena with your army and full thought out strategy ! Clash Royale is the newest game in the supercell family and has earned the title of one of the most popular online strategy mobile game and the most addictive game you can find anywhere on the internet.

You will understand Clash Royale better if you have already played clash of clan on your mobile, it was the best and most popular online strategy game until clash Royale took over and now became the most popular online strategy game in the supercell series. If you like clash of clans then we are pretty much sure that Clash Royale will make you go crazy if you like strategy games.


You must be wondering what this game is and why is it so popular and gained instant fame? Well we are here to help you out only. After reading this whole article about Clash Royale new features and clash Royale strategy you will understand why you should to upgrade to clash Royale.

The Clash Royale Strategy Explained

We will walk you through the basic strategy of the game and will provide the basic clash royale cheats and clash royale hack to help you master every level and beat everyone and score the most.

  • You play online with other opponents and friends and you can attack them the moment they let their guard down. You get notifications for every activity and you will be alarmed if your throne is in danger.
  • The treasure chest holds the new cards that you are supposed to collect in order to proceed to the next stage and to increase your level in the game. The new cards also give you new powers and reword with upgrades.
  • You are supposed to destroy the online opponent’s tower and Kingdome to earn epic crown chests and that will unlock new and powerful cards with new powers that you can use in the field.
  • You can design your clash troops yourself. You can upgrade your troops, learn new spells and strengthen your defense. There are dozens of new and upgraded cards that will help you increase your level in the game.
  • You can construct you very own clash royale decks to defeat your enemy.
  • Learn from the mistakes of others by watching the popular duos of other players and take account of better and effective strategies and avoid making the same mistakes that the defeated player did.

Thank you for reading and join the Clash Royale family with your friends and play online with your friends and other online opponents and live the life of kings. Feel free to comment your queries related to the clash royale strategies, we will be happy to help you.

This awesome game is brought to you guys by SuperCell


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