How to download Clash Royale for PC

Clash Royale is the new trend; this is the latest game launched by Super Cell on January 3rd. Super Cell is the same company which has created Clash of Clans which was an awesome game and was appreciated by many!

In the beginning, when the game was released, it was available to iOS devices alone, according to the developer, they didn’t want people to consider this game like Clash of Clans 2, so they named it as Clash Royale. Though the most of the character in this game are the same, some new characters have been introduced, and the gameplay is not the same, though. There are a lot of changes made in the gameplay as well.

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Now it is back to set a new trend with their all-new game, Clash Royale! This game is available for both Android and iOS users as well. Now with all the additions in the Clash Of Clans, Clash Royale now also have Princes and Knights as well, how cool is that! Now it has also got many new characters which include baby dragon as well! Clash Royale still has that feature from where you can build your clan and also share your cards with your friends as well.


Features of Clash Royale:-

1.Unlock your rewards by earning chests

2.Collect new powerful cards and also update your existing cards

3.Win the crowns by destroying your opponent’s towers

4.Earn the epic crown chests by winning the crowns

5.Construct your own powerful battle deck to defeat your opponents

6.Now you can also challenge your friends for a private duel fight

7.Now you can also watch the best duel fights on TV Royale, and you can also

learn different battle tactics

Now I know that many of you are already addicted to Clash Royale, and also you guys want to play it on your PC! So here is a small guide on How To Download Clash Royale For PC. Let’s get started


Steps to download Clash Royale for PC:-

1.So to download and run Clash Royale game on your PC you need to download something called as the YouWave Emulator.

2.Download YouWave emulator from their official website, click here.

3.Now once the software gets’s downloaded, you need to install YouWave and then open it.

4.Now once you open the YouWave software, you can see an Android interface on your PC.

5.Now you need to open Google PlayStore from YouWave and then search for Clash Royale, and now you need to install it.

6.If you are looking for an alternative, you can download the APK file from here and can directly install it on YouWave.

7.Now you are almost done, now you just need to open the game on your PC and enjoy playing Clash Royale.

So this was our simple tutorial on How To Download Clash Royale For PC If you have got any doubts or queries, comment down below and we will try to answer them soon.

This awesome game is brought to you guys by SuperCell

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