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Clash Royale Download for Pc and Mac (With or without Bluestacks)

Download Clash Royale apk on your PC and Mac and enjoy the latest online supercell game on the big screen. Clash Royale download apk for pc and Mac and enjoy the online strategy game on your PC.

Download Clash Royale for iOS devices and the Clash Royale APK for android and for free. Enter the Arena with your army and full thought out strategy ! Clash Royale is the newest game in the supercell family and has earned the title of one of the most popular online strategy mobile game and the most addictive game you can find anywhere on the internet.

You will understand Clash Royale better if you have already played clash of clan on your mobile, it was the best and most popular online strategy game until clash Royale took over and now became the most popular online strategy game in the supercell series. If you like clash of clans then we are pretty much sure that Clash Royale will make you go crazy if you like strategy games.


You must be wondering what this game is and why is it so popular and gained instant fame? Well we are here to help you out only. After reading this whole article about Clash Royale new features and clash Royale strategy you will understand why you should to upgrade to clash Royale.

The Clash Royale Strategy Explained

We will walk you through the basic strategy of the game and will provide the basic clash royale cheats and clash royale hack to help you master every level and beat everyone and score the most.

  • You play online with other opponents and friends and you can attack them the moment they let their guard down. You get notifications for every activity and you will be alarmed if your throne is in danger.
  • The treasure chest holds the new cards that you are supposed to collect in order to proceed to the next stage and to increase your level in the game. The new cards also give you new powers and reword with upgrades.
  • You are supposed to destroy the online opponent’s tower and Kingdome to earn epic crown chests and that will unlock new and powerful cards with new powers that you can use in the field.
  • You can design your clash troops yourself. You can upgrade your troops, learn new spells and strengthen your defense. There are dozens of new and upgraded cards that will help you increase your level in the game.
  • You can construct you very own clash royale decks to defeat your enemy.
  • Learn from the mistakes of others by watching the popular duos of other players and take account of better and effective strategies and avoid making the same mistakes that the defeated player did.

Thank you for reading and join the Clash Royale family with your friends and play online with your friends and other online opponents and live the life of kings. Feel free to comment your queries related to the clash royale strategies, we will be happy to help you.

This awesome game is brought to you guys by SuperCell


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How to download Clash Royale for PC

Clash Royale is the new trend; this is the latest game launched by Super Cell on January 3rd. Super Cell is the same company which has created Clash of Clans which was an awesome game and was appreciated by many!

In the beginning, when the game was released, it was available to iOS devices alone, according to the developer, they didn’t want people to consider this game like Clash of Clans 2, so they named it as Clash Royale. Though the most of the character in this game are the same, some new characters have been introduced, and the gameplay is not the same, though. There are a lot of changes made in the gameplay as well.

Clash Royale Game Detailed Review: Clash Royale Gameplay

Now it is back to set a new trend with their all-new game, Clash Royale! This game is available for both Android and iOS users as well. Now with all the additions in the Clash Of Clans, Clash Royale now also have Princes and Knights as well, how cool is that! Now it has also got many new characters which include baby dragon as well! Clash Royale still has that feature from where you can build your clan and also share your cards with your friends as well.


Features of Clash Royale:-

1.Unlock your rewards by earning chests

2.Collect new powerful cards and also update your existing cards

3.Win the crowns by destroying your opponent’s towers

4.Earn the epic crown chests by winning the crowns

5.Construct your own powerful battle deck to defeat your opponents

6.Now you can also challenge your friends for a private duel fight

7.Now you can also watch the best duel fights on TV Royale, and you can also

learn different battle tactics

Now I know that many of you are already addicted to Clash Royale, and also you guys want to play it on your PC! So here is a small guide on How To Download Clash Royale For PC. Let’s get started


Steps to download Clash Royale for PC:-

1.So to download and run Clash Royale game on your PC you need to download something called as the YouWave Emulator.

2.Download YouWave emulator from their official website, click here.

3.Now once the software gets’s downloaded, you need to install YouWave and then open it.

4.Now once you open the YouWave software, you can see an Android interface on your PC.

5.Now you need to open Google PlayStore from YouWave and then search for Clash Royale, and now you need to install it.

6.If you are looking for an alternative, you can download the APK file from here and can directly install it on YouWave.

7.Now you are almost done, now you just need to open the game on your PC and enjoy playing Clash Royale.

So this was our simple tutorial on How To Download Clash Royale For PC If you have got any doubts or queries, comment down below and we will try to answer them soon.

This awesome game is brought to you guys by SuperCell

How to use WPS WPA TESTER App

Hacking wifi from the android phone which is not rooted is very simple and easy trick. It can be easily more if your android phone is rooted. So, today I wanna or want to share you an android wifi trick that will hack wifi network around you from your Android smartphone device using just a small wifi app. Let’s start WIFI Hacking Using WPS Wpa Tester.



  1. Download app from the link given. Download Now
  2. Install, open it and open your WIFI.
  3. Open WPS Wpa tester app, you will see there a refresh button at the top of the app. Tap on it. Now you can see all the Wifi signal around you.
  4. If this app shows you a green icon beside the wifi name that means this can hack it, if it proves red color then it says the Wifi router is highly protected and you won’t cut wifi network.
  5. Now just Select the Green Wifi Network.
  6. Now, tap on connect automatic pin button, if you are lucky enough to connect to a wifi network, you can now access free internet and if your phone is rooted, BOOM!! the password will be in your screen.
  7. Voila!! Now you can quickly surf the high-speed wifi network

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So above is the HACK WiFi using WiFi WPS Wpa tester. By using this tricks, you can easily hack with your Neighbours Password and have lots of fun with them and have a great experience with the notepad. © 2017 Frontier Theme